Friday, November 11, 2011

I have finally been able to do a decent photo shoot of my niece in her newest hat that i've made for her. It originally was suppose to be the lamby hat, But I loved the vintage vibe I was getting from the design that I just left it as is.

I bought her a prop (aka the soft spiky ball)  and she LOVED it. It was mostly in her mouth the whole time she had it, I finally had to take it away so I could get some decent photo's in. I honestly think I could only get maybe 15-20 minutes in with trying to take good pictures. She was wiggly, distracted and cared more about touching grass and putting bark chips in here mouth.

Can you tell she loves to swing?

I love the fact that you can easily dress up the hat with a clip on flower. Instant Glam. I'm going to be working on the crochet pattern for the hat soon, I'm making a big girl one too (for myself of course!) You can find the pattern for the flower in my shop here.

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