Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Click Click- The Sound of Sending a Card

You know that feeling. That warm magical feeling of getting something in the mail. The rush of feeling loved, thought of, cared about, important to someone else kind of feeling.  Yea, its real. I get it, you get it, and the truth is we all should get it. I believe its important to get it, feel it and express it to others. That magical feeling of love.

I was introduced to this card company called Send Out Cards, where you go online to their website to create a physical card and they send it to the recipient. Wait. What? Friends, they actually take out the whole, stamping it, going to the post office, and standing in line part of sending a card. Let all the busy moms, dads, students, business owners, and everyone else in between rejoice! I didn't know how awesome that was until I started using their services. And I confess, I am really bad at writing and sending cards the traditional way. In fact, I'm pretty sure my husband wrote the majority of our wedding gift thank you cards.

But since I've been using Send Out Cards I have sent out about 12 cards in a 2-3 month period.

Cards to say I love you, your important, I'm thinking about you, I see talent in you and I believe in you. But really, you can send cards on any topic available: Baby, Wedding, I love you, Thank You, Holiday's, ect. You can also send gift cards, brownies, caramels, and other items. And the best part is these cards are less expensive then the cards you buy in the store. So I save time and money. 

So all this to say, I want to invite you look at this company. Click here if you want to send a free card to someone you love. Watch the short video they have to learn more. You can also became a Send Out Card distributor like myself. I get paid being nice to people. =)

Make beautiful cards from ready to send stock or your own pictures like these.

*Disclaimer: This post was written by me and I was not paid or gifted anything by SendOutCards to write this.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blog hiatus = pregnancy bliss

Hi Friends,
I just wanted to update everyone that I've been taking a hiatus from the blog for the past several months, because of pregnancy. Plus, we are getting ready to move. So, with so much good on the horizon I've decided to let the blog "just be" and wait until my life gets back to normal or a baby comes to resume. Which ever one comes first!;)

I still have my shop up and it is active! So check it out. Thanks everyone 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Homemade Summer Slushy

 Lately, as the weather permits, L and I have been, on occasion, making little treks to the near by SevenEleven for a icy treat. Instant summer memories are brought back every time I treat my son and I to one. And I can't help but like the instant smiles that comes with it, even though I could do with out the coloring and high fructose corn syrup.

Actually, those two ingredients weigh heavy on my mind as we sip and slurp away at the frozen goodness. Not to mention the constant asking to go out and get one. So I made my own version, with just two ingredients.

 Two Servings

Super ripe(almost over-ripe) frozen strawberries- 1 1/2- 2 cups
Strawberry Lemonade (or any lemonade you choose) 2 cups

Blend until smooth.

I rescued some strawberries that were almost to the point of no return by freezing them. They were so full of juice and colored deep red that I knew I had to do something quick or else in the trash they would go. Turns out that they were perfect for this recipe. I didn't have to add any sugar, and the end product had such a great froth to it. Slurp!
L loved it and it hit the spot. Making it with any fruit you like would be easy and if you need a little sugar I think honey would do the trick.

Happy Summer Slushies everyone!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thinking in Color- Hope

I will admit I'm a pretty deep thinker at times. I am also highly visual. As a result, I will get these little one liner thoughts through out the day, which a lot of time are companioned with a word picture. But I admit, I am no drawing artist (wahhh!). I thought I would release some thoughts to fly into the virtual air by sharing them via (amateur) graphic design. Because thoughts are better in color.

Some of them might sound silly but will have a twist of truth. Some will be as deep as the ocean (get your floaties!). Some will be from my husband because he is the MASTER OF WIT. 

Now on to what I was thinking.

 I was thinking about hope is a new way today. After listening to a gal explain the lack of hope she had in one huge area of her life, it dawned on me. Hope is a powerful tool to have when navigating life. If you have no hope it's like you lack a roof over your head. The elements can come in and destroy what belongs to you. 
I think we've all had times when it seemed like we had no hope, no roof over our heads. We need to give hope to one another to help them rebuild their house(lives, really) and also to receive hope when some one gives it to us.

Okay, so as you can read this was a Ocean's Deep kinda thought.Did ya stay afloat with me?!=) I have to admit I had a good feeling after I made this simple graphic. It was like I finally found a way to connect my visual thought world to virtual land.

 I would like to know if you have any thoughts about it yourself, if you do, please share!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Simple Earrings-Two Ways

 All the way back in October of last year I had privilege of making a Indian Princess Headband (with feathers and everything) for a gal in New York. As part of the design, she requested a small turquoise bead in the center of some feathers, and I was happy to oblige. In fact I had so much fun being extra creative that when it was all said and done I had a swell of pride in what I created(does anyone else feel that?). But, I was left with a bunch of feathers(because you can never just buy a few) and an almost complete string of turquoise beads. What's a girl to do? Make some awesome earrings(feel free to bust out a karate kick here). 

You absolutely need zero jewelry making skills to complete this project. You do however need the following supplies:

2 round flat backed beads(with holes) found at Michael's
2 earring posts(mine are surgical steel size 10) found at jewelry store
2 feathers around the same size(small to medium is best) found at Michael's
Jewelry Glue 

Take your posts and smear a good amount of glue on it, make sure you get the edges. Let it tack up a little before putting it on the back of the bead.

Ok, if your bead is slightly round at the edges then a smaller post back will work just as well.

Now place the post back on the center of the bead. Let it sit for a bit to harden.

How cute and simple is that! Seriously, if you just want some cute little post earrings then stop here.

If you want to add a little bohemian bling and your not sick of the feather trend then the next steps are for you. Proceed.

can you see the glue? look closely.
Take your cute little feathers and de-fluff the top of the quill. Leave enough quill to fit nicely into the bead's hole. Add a generous amount of glue all around the quill.

Now pop that baby in the beads hole! Allow to dry and I would highly recommend adding a tiny bit of glue in the hole on the other side of the bead. 

20 minutes from start to finish.

Allow to fully cure before wearing. I put mine on after 2 hours.

Now make a pair for every outfit! Ha.