Friday, September 23, 2011

This Little Lamby Hat

This little lamby does not like to eat grass, or be in it much less.

I tried my hand at attempting a lambs hat for my good friend Jules and her newest edition to her flock. In my mind I had envisioned bouncy, soft, curly lambs wool for the bod, with cute little lambs ears. I think I can pretty close to what I was thinking of. 

This is my niece trying it on for size. I made it for a 3-6 month's old head. Which, apparently, also fits a 8 month old premie head (aka my niece). 

This little lamby prefer's playgrounds as her source of nourishment.
Can I just say this hat is sooooooooo soft.  Nothing hard and scratchy going on here. I used Bamboo yarn for the lamby part and corn silk yarn for the border. Have you ever played with cornsilk yarn? Its silky soft and feels like a mix between bamboo and cotton. Very nice, and a little expensive, so I'm using it carefully.

Little Lamby with Shepard Boy
Putting on the ears seemed to take more time then the actual crocheting of the hat. It was the only part of the hat that wanted to take advantage of its cuteness. The smallest part became the hardest part. Go figure. Fickle ears, its not like I was trying to tag you. In the end I won by covering my knee with the hat and sewing them in place, so maybe it was like tagging ears, in a crochet kind of way.

Soak in the softness via the computer screen.
I will be writing the pattern soon for this. It will look a little different than this one. Here are the stat's for now.

Yarn: Bamboo and Corn Silk
Technique: crochet, puff stitch,dc and sc stitch
Hook: 6mm and 3.75 mm
Completed time: two days (easy peasy)  


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  1. well done, very good post, and a very adorable hat model.


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