Thursday, May 17, 2012

Simple Earrings-Two Ways

 All the way back in October of last year I had privilege of making a Indian Princess Headband (with feathers and everything) for a gal in New York. As part of the design, she requested a small turquoise bead in the center of some feathers, and I was happy to oblige. In fact I had so much fun being extra creative that when it was all said and done I had a swell of pride in what I created(does anyone else feel that?). But, I was left with a bunch of feathers(because you can never just buy a few) and an almost complete string of turquoise beads. What's a girl to do? Make some awesome earrings(feel free to bust out a karate kick here). 

You absolutely need zero jewelry making skills to complete this project. You do however need the following supplies:

2 round flat backed beads(with holes) found at Michael's
2 earring posts(mine are surgical steel size 10) found at jewelry store
2 feathers around the same size(small to medium is best) found at Michael's
Jewelry Glue 

Take your posts and smear a good amount of glue on it, make sure you get the edges. Let it tack up a little before putting it on the back of the bead.

Ok, if your bead is slightly round at the edges then a smaller post back will work just as well.

Now place the post back on the center of the bead. Let it sit for a bit to harden.

How cute and simple is that! Seriously, if you just want some cute little post earrings then stop here.

If you want to add a little bohemian bling and your not sick of the feather trend then the next steps are for you. Proceed.

can you see the glue? look closely.
Take your cute little feathers and de-fluff the top of the quill. Leave enough quill to fit nicely into the bead's hole. Add a generous amount of glue all around the quill.

Now pop that baby in the beads hole! Allow to dry and I would highly recommend adding a tiny bit of glue in the hole on the other side of the bead. 

20 minutes from start to finish.

Allow to fully cure before wearing. I put mine on after 2 hours.

Now make a pair for every outfit! Ha.


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