Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nature's lip stain

Warning! Many pictures of my lips are in this post. Smooch! 

Can you tell that one side of my lips is pinker than the other? I was juicing some beets for smoothies and wanted to see what beet lip stain would look like on. I love lip stain. Unfortunately, blogger doesn't capture the true color of the the stain. It's a lot pinker then it looks. Not hot pink, just a pretty rose pink.

Here's another picture of the stain being only one side. 

Here it is on both sides with some gloss on top. It really got me thinking about making a lip stain made out of beets. How fun would that be! 

Top picture is several layers of fresh beet juice. Bottom picture is one layer of condensed syrup beet juice. Again, blogger doesn't show the true color. Ugh. Does anyone know how to override this?

I froze the beet juice into ice cubes and when I took them out the next day I noticed that there was a condensed syrupy layer of beet juice sitting on top of the frozen part. This really got me thinking about condensing the juice more and seeing if it could be blended into stain/lip balm. I recently whipped up a heavy lip balm for the winter season, so I'm thinking of adapting the recipe to include some beet color.
 I read you can make it with dried beet juice, but it has a grainy texture. Need to stay away from grainy.

I'm kinda excited about trying it out, I love this kinda of experimentation. I'll let you know what my results.


  1. this beet stain is awesome!! (believe it or not, i tried my FIRST beet in a salad LAST NIGHT & just stumbled upon your blog via pinterest! keep me updated on how the stain balm goes!

  2. Kate, beet stain is awesome! I've been meaning to get some lip balm made out of beet juice and beet powder. I'll do another post once I finally get them made.

  3. I really love this idea can I please pin it to my pinterest board? Do you have pinterest?

    1. Yes you can Pin It! I do have a pinterest account under my name.


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