Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thinking in Color- Hope

I will admit I'm a pretty deep thinker at times. I am also highly visual. As a result, I will get these little one liner thoughts through out the day, which a lot of time are companioned with a word picture. But I admit, I am no drawing artist (wahhh!). I thought I would release some thoughts to fly into the virtual air by sharing them via (amateur) graphic design. Because thoughts are better in color.

Some of them might sound silly but will have a twist of truth. Some will be as deep as the ocean (get your floaties!). Some will be from my husband because he is the MASTER OF WIT. 

Now on to what I was thinking.

 I was thinking about hope is a new way today. After listening to a gal explain the lack of hope she had in one huge area of her life, it dawned on me. Hope is a powerful tool to have when navigating life. If you have no hope it's like you lack a roof over your head. The elements can come in and destroy what belongs to you. 
I think we've all had times when it seemed like we had no hope, no roof over our heads. We need to give hope to one another to help them rebuild their house(lives, really) and also to receive hope when some one gives it to us.

Okay, so as you can read this was a Ocean's Deep kinda thought.Did ya stay afloat with me?!=) I have to admit I had a good feeling after I made this simple graphic. It was like I finally found a way to connect my visual thought world to virtual land.

 I would like to know if you have any thoughts about it yourself, if you do, please share!


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