Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Simple crochet goes a long way.

I wanted to share with you how I transformed this cute but shrunken and felted sweater into a super cute cap sleeve bolero, with crochet edging to give it a sweet detailing.

I was given this sweater a while ago from my sister with the request to cut it up and make it new. It belongs to her eldest daughter and because it is so cute they wanted to extend the life of it some more. So who am I to say no, especially when there is no sewing involved. That's right, no sewing.Oh the beauty of felt!

So I capped the sleeves saving the rest thinking we were going to make chic gloves or leg warmers or something striped and fashionable, but alas, we lost those left over sleeves and they have not made their re-appearance.

I also cut the sweater at the waist and shaped the edges. Then cut right down the middle.Easy peasy. I could have left it as it was, but I felt like it needed a extra more detailing to make it look more complete. So I crocheted a simple edging all the way around and around the capped sleeves too. 

On my niece, the proud owner of this cute piece. Great for fall and spring.

Have you tried crochet? It is a craft that I truly love to create things with.  Even if you know the basics you can still do so many things with it. Like, ahem, cutting up a sweater and making a cute bolero.


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  1. Great work, Danielle! Always so creative and thoughtful. Love to read your posts.
    Love you too!


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