Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Playing with bugs

Bug brooches that is. When it comes to brooches, I have a thing for bugs. Not just any kind of bugs though, mostly beetles. Something that would most likely be considered as tiny, yucky, pesky and well, buggy in real life is now brilliantly gold encrusted, rhinestone adorned and has a new life as a brooch. Me likey.

Miss Priss Ladybug on her very own fern leaf.
I crocheted this fern leaf a while back. I wanted to experiment with making a leaf that had some detail. I like how well these two go together. A pretty ladybug on a leaf is what you would find in real life. I've been playing around with concepts of what I can make it into. Like:

Now it can become a pretty headband. It gives just a touch of whimsy, which is perfect for the hair.

Its was the most windy day of the season in these pictures.  It was literally raining dried pine needles. And yet I remain calm and collected ( pat me on the back someone). 
Or sew it to your shirt collar for a pretty faux necklace.

I really like the concept of using crochet to accessorize ready to wear clothes. A little extra detail here and there doesn't hurt. Plus it means I can use crochet in a fashionable way.

How would you wear this little leafy accessory?



  1. I like the combo. It brightens up the white shirt.

  2. I might fancy it as a sweet bracelet! Cute!

  3. I totally thought a bracelet would look good too.


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