Thursday, April 21, 2011

So I thought marshmallows was a good idea...

But apparently marshmallows are lighter than cupcake batter. I had the grand idea of putting marshmallows into the batter of cupcakes that I agreed to make for my sisters baby shower. I thought it would be a sweet find for each of the eaters to realizes there was extra yumminess in every bite they took. Oh little did I know. About twelve minutes after I put them in the oven to bake I took a look only to find out that the marshmallows were over flowing and melting. This is how the majority of the first batch came out. Ugly...but still tasty. Readers, you have been warned.

So my first idea failed but my second idea was not, by golly. I was going to decorate the cuteness out of these little cupcakes, with cute little frosting stars and lavender sugar sprinkles. I had all my gear ready: Killer cream cheese frosting (get it!), frosting sleeves, star tip, cake spatula...and the knowledge of all my cake decorating classes in the back of my mind. Also a cousin to help.

slap it on and call it good
Well idea # 2 decided to follow in suit of idea # 1. My frosting never thickened properly to keep a star shape (not the frostings fault, though). Also my frosting sleeve busted at the seam and I had frosting seeping out of the bag before it could make it to the tip. So with my cousin looking on and me reminding her ( and myself) that I had taken cake decorating classes, we made due with the above picture.  

Also in Awkward news:
My son blurting to everyone and even the manager at Mortons steakhouse that he had a stinky poopy as we walked out of the bathroom for the fifth time. I just graciously smiled at the manager(cause really what could I do) as we walked by and asked if he enjoyed that little tidbit of info. BTW my husband works here. I find this slightly awesome though, because only a three year old could pull this off and still be considered cute. Whats funny is my son never went poopy, it was just in the forefront of his mind the entire night. 

Now on to the Awesomness

My son telling me I'm a princess. Sweet little guy. 
Finding out who Blossom Dearie is.
Figured out a new hair do. 
A whole bag of marshmallows to eat all by myself....or share.

Awesomness in pictures:

tissue puffs

Little man in big glasses

whipped up this new headband in twenty minutes.



  1. seriously, where would the world be without cute headbands!? love this. <3

  2. The cupcakes were awsomely yummy, and there wasn't a single one left. It didn't matter what they looked like. Mom

  3. divine cupcakes! lovely images...Happy Easter!

  4. I'm still chuckling over the fact that you labeled this one, "... cupcakes, poop."

    Not the taste combo I'd put together!

  5. yea, I guess, just incase I needed to talk about number 2 again I'd have a label for it.=)

  6. Those cupcakes look delish!!!



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