Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Anthropologie.

Warning: slightly cheeky letter to my favorite shop. 

You know I've been fond of you for a very long time. Your pretty little outfits and irresistible chic style. I've had countless moments of swooning over your detailed fabric and have drooled for your cardigans. Oh sweet cardigans. Oh the envy. And yet my devotion to you is not what I hoped it to be.

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I thought I would "grow up" to wear mostly you. To open my closet wide and see a huge selection of your finest, waiting for me to say hello. I'm not saying it's not going to happen someday, all I'm saying is that I need a different game plan.  Because you see, I still think your expensive and I can't bring myself to give you my husbands hard earned cash. No, I'm not poor, I'm just wise. And I have a secret weapon. I know how to sew.

I'm not going to envy you anymore. But I'm going to sew with you in mind, because you are still always in my mind. And no it won't ever be quite the same. That's a small detail I'm ok to overlook. So thank you for being you, and I will remain to be me. Maybe, occasionally , we can meet some where in the middle and say hello.  

First on my list:
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Is there a shop you love but need to change your game plan in to acquire its look?


  1. I feel the exeact same way. Seriously, sewing is such a great skill to have. I find myself always saying in my head, "oh, I can sew that" Good luck with your project!


  2. So.True. Could not have said it better!!




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