Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little Lavender Dryer Sachet- add more excitement to your laundry!

We actually haven't used dryer sheets in a while, close to three years. We decided along time ago that dryer sheets was not a must have item in our household. Mostly because of the film it leaves on the fabric. It blocks some absorption from the material, and frankly, when I get out of the shower or wash my hands I really want my towel to wick the moisture away the first time.
So this little dryer sachet came about while I was doing laundry (of course!). I re-found my lavender today and remembered that I have wanted to make one of these for a while. So while my clothes were a washing, my sewing machine was a sewing. 

  • This project is easy!
  • It takes around 1-11/2 hours!
  • Perfect for when you want to be creative but don't want to start a major project! 
  • Use your fabric scraps!
Get Started 

I am going to show you the basic instructions. The little details like bear applique and shape of sachet can be changed to your liking.

List of materials 
  1. Two different coordinating fabrics, cut in a half circle (use a medium sized bowl)
  2. 3/4 cup of lavender flowers and 1/4 cup of flax seed ( more or less depending on the size of your actual half circle)  
  3. Wool applique. Use real wool, it will help eliminate static
  4. funnel and or spoon
  5. sewing machine

Looking mighty tough with his tattoo heart

First you need to sew your applique on one side of your sachet. Tip! Sew slow, you will have a better result with your applique. Now place the right sides together. 

Make sure you sew all along the edges about 1/4 inch, and make little cuts so when you turn it right side out it with have a smooth form on the inside.  Now turn it right side out and fill.
 You might have to also use a spoon for the lavender, like I did. Fill until there is about 1/8 of empty space left. Pin the little opening together and sew shut.

There you have it! Extremely easy and you can feel accomplished for making something in a couple of hours. And its practical!
 This would be great sewing project for a young child while you are teaching them how to do their own laundry. Make several to give as a gift. 

This one is bigger then the ones Trader Joes sells. They say each one should last 3 months. This one will last longer. Squeeze several times in hand before throwing them into your dryer, to re-release the fragrant lavender flowers. 

Happy Sewing!

Coming Soon:
See how I will remake this ugly find into vintage trendy. Stay tuned to find out how!


  1. You are rocking the tutorials, Danielle! Seriously, everything you do is so original and cool! Love you, girl! :)

  2. When we move into our house, you can come stay for a week and teach my older girls (and maybe me too) how to sew. I guess I should put sewing machine on my Christmas list ;-D!

  3. Love this for making laundry more exciting :) enjoying your blog posts! The step by steps are really nice.

  4. Great idea! I bet you could even seam rip the hole back open and refil (to get more use out of that cute puppy!). And it's good to find an alternative to fabric softener. I haven't been using any with my towels but miss that fresh scent.

  5. Sarah, That's a great idea. And if you use the funnel then fill up would be a snap.

  6. I can't use this as my hubby is allergic to everything but I knit and have a huge stash of yarns and lavender is a natural repellent to moths. So, if you have any wool items or your winter stuff, put one of these in with them and you will be moth free.


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