Monday, April 18, 2011

Lace and Ruffles

I've never actually considered myself a fashionable person until now. Now granted, I've always loved fashion. Growing up I had a little hiding place where I taped pictures of models in clothes I liked and various of other things up on the walls. The place was were the foundations of the stairs met the garage. It was a cubby like nook, which btw was also very dark, because it was like the garage, so I had to always have a flashlight. But still, it was my secret fashion club house in which I was the only member. Looking back, I'm sure my younger sister would have joined the membership if I had thought to send a invite her way.

So I put this outfit together, feeling slightly adventurous even risky, and waited for my husband to say something. No I wasn't waiting for the "you look nice dear", but more of the "why are you wearing that dear". I know that sounds harsh, but its not, you see when I met my husband-to-be I quickly noticed that EVERY SHIRT in his wardrobe was plaid and from Bi-Mart. Seriously ladies, seriously. So I figure if my husband (who only wore plaid shirts when I met him) comments on why I'm wearing something, I should take that into high consideration. He didn't say a word. I was in the clear.       

BTW I curled my hair, can't tell can you. It fell out by the time I took these pictures.
I'm sorry if its hard to see the lace. It color it peachy and close to my skin color.
Heres the low down.
Lacy back button shirt- hand me down
ruffle blue tank- Kolhs
skinny jeans- Forever 21
leather boots - Target

Is there something you like about my outfit? Or don't like. Let me know by commenting down below.

P.S. by the way I'll tell you why I've finally accepted my fashion sense in a later post. It was really eye opening in a good way.


  1. its' cute, the lace and ruffles work well together

  2. Those boots are really nice!
    Monique xx


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