Monday, March 21, 2011

Color Perception Test

Do you know your colors? Can you differentiate between the different hues easily? Find out by taking this test

  Color Perception Test

The lower your score the higher your percentage will be. I scored a 3 which means my percentage was in the 90's ( I didn't do the math though, it was my guessimate). A perfect score would be a 0. Don't worry if it takes you a long time. In fact, I had to walk away a couple of times to refresh my eyes because the hues were starting to blend together after staring at them awhile.

Our retinas are sensitive to color because we actually have three different kinds of "cones" in our eyes that help us absorb color. There is the blue cone, green cone, and red cone. If you find that you are really good at telling the difference between hues you might like to read the science and history behind color here . Who knows, it might help you choose your colors schemes faster and better when coordinating  your outfits, wedding schemes, home interior design, or whatever. I actually to love to see someone who has dyed their hair in different shades of the same color. That would be a color trip!

Its amazing what color does in our lives.

  1. It sets a tone in an environment that effects our mood. 
  2. Its a major part of the fashion and design industry.
  3. Different colors will give different impressions. For example: red gives the impression of hot, passion, hate, anger. Any thing that will make your heart beat faster.
  4. If you are a vivid dreamer (and can remember your dreams), color can play a major part or your discerning what your dream is actually trying to tell you. Its your intuition and subconscious using its voice.   
All that to say, take the test! And let me know what your score is. If you don't do well on it don't worry, you are actually gifted in other areas!


  1. What a great test! I scored an 8 which I think was pretty good for my (ancient) age and (needing an exam) eyes!!!! The light aqua/turquoise range was what got me!

    Thanks for posting - it was interesting.

  2. WoW! That was a challenge! I got a zero and was surprised, but, hey I'll admit that I love color, big and small.

  3. Such an interesting story to read and I enjoyed reading it as well. Keep up the good work. lidocaine


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