Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm Back-ish

I'm back! I know, I left and without even say goodbye. I actually didn't mean to stop blogging within one day, it just dawned on me that if I wanted to get through a overwhelming transition of healing from the loss of our daughter and having to move again, I needed to cut out something in my life. Time has passed, more healing has come and I feel like I've gained strength in my legs and I ready to revive the blog now.

Even though I haven't been around to show my craftiness to you all, I was still being crafty. I can't help it, it's one thing that I can't turn off no matter what.

I've been in a mini clutch mode

Mini Love clutch with zipper and designer fabric.
Find more pictures here.

Coin purse for my etsy shop, but decided to keep it.

Super happy about it. I didn't know keeping all your coins in one little purse would eliminate so much "trying to find the exact change" stress. I use it all the time. 

Have a lovely friday evening,

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  1. What a sweet surprise, to find a blog from you. Love the coin purse.


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