Saturday, June 19, 2010

A "what was I thinking" turned into "okay I can sport this" boyfriend shirt

Hmmmm. I am a goodwill fanatic, I don't go as much as I like, but when I do go I can go crazy with all the inspiring idea's that pop into my head while looking at stuff. Sometimes, though, my "bright" ideas at goodwill become "why did I get this" statements at home. Hence the overly large knit shirt.

*sorry for the fuzzy picture, funny face and hair that doesn't look like I combed it.*

I remember when I saw this at goodwill I was thinking I was going to make this into something awesome! I can't remember what the original idea was now, but I will point out several reasons why I shouldn't have bought it

Horizontal stripes!!!!! (Seriously Danielle)
Pockets that were accidentally sewn in the back
The label that was sewn in the front
Not enough buttons

obviously this shirt did not meet quality control and thus was given to Goodwill, and I naively adopted it.  

Okay, enough with the back story, I decided to finally make this shirt wearable. 

I laid one of my shirts over it to know where I needed to pin. I gave myself about a 2 inch seam allowance ( in case I needed to change it later) and pin each side together, gradually moving toward the sleeves.

The Result  

*again sorry for the fuzzy picture and everything else as mentioned above*

I still don't like the stripes but I think its manageable. And I'm betting it looks better in real life then in pictures ( or maybe thats my wishful thinking).



  1. Love it!! I have a pile(a very large one) of clothes that I don't wear, or have picked up from thrift stores, etc... that I mean to re-purpose, either for me or my daughter...I need to get on that!! But I really like the new look of this shirt, the buttons and colors are great.


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