Sunday, June 20, 2010

I want to be in a music video

 I have a side to me that lives in music videos. Not just any music video though, but one where I can prance around expressing myself musically despite my lack of talent in the music department...or dance department...or choreograph department. Basically any department that is required to make a music video. It will still be awesome though because I will give my heart and soul into it...and will make my sister take care of the rest.  In case your wondering it would be a music video like this:

See!! It doesn't take much talent to prance around like the brat pack from Breakfast Club does it!
If you've never seen these video's they are fan made and there are a lot of them on youtube. Here's another good one.

Ok so I have a month away until my next birthday, could this be a possibility? Could I pull this off? Would anyone like to see me dance on YouTube? Uh, feel free to just nod your head on the last one.

Stay tuned because this will be a To Be Decided Late answer.

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