Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Sparkle Headbands

I've been making some more sparkle headbands and I was able to take some pictures of a friends daughter in them (Thanks Steffany!)

The Heart Headband

The Super Star Headband

The Lightning Strikes Headband

The Rain Cloud Headband 
* this one is my new favorite besides the lightning one*

Mac is beautiful, check out those blue eyes!!

I want to know what you think on whether you like the headbands with the stitching *like the first pic* or whether you like the headbands without the stitching (below). Or does it not matter.

I have more little models lined up for the next few days to be taking gobs of pictures of. I'm so glad I have so many mommy friends with beautiful daughters.  

Its my first I Made It Party!


  1. Pretty! You should link up with some DIY blog parties and show your work!

  2. With the stitching! Gives them a nice finish. And your model is precious!

    And thanks for your funny comment on my blog about the "I'm a man" sign -- sometimes we need to be reminded... :)

  3. Christina- Thats a good idea. I'm hopefully going to be linkiing up to some craft blogs in the future.

    Sarah- I was picturing my husband when I made that comment!!=)

  4. These headbands are darling. Love the lightning bolt one! So cute. I've enjoyed looking at your other projects too. I've got to try that pesto -- I imagine it's fabulous! Thanks so much for your kind comment and encouraging words on my blog -- That desk was a she-bear to refinish, but I'm happy with it now! - Suzanne

  5. Very cute headbands. Nice and sparkly!


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