Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Makeup/ Wash your face bib.

The front

The back with a snap

This is for all you ladies that like to wash your face in the sink. Of course this idea came to me while I was scrubbing away at my face and trying to keep the wash towel tucked into my shirt. It kept slipping and I thought  "wouldn't it be nice to have a towel made into a bib so I wash my face with ease." And then I thought "It would work really well for applying make up and keeping my shirt clean."  So my gears started turning and I came up with this!

Here is a quick tutorial for putting one together.
One placemat and one kitchen hand towel
The reason why I used a placemat is because a finished placemat eliminates extra sewing that I don't want to do. Plus, I love place mats! I can think of so many other ways to use place mats that I think I have a mini book in my head on all the fun ways you can use them.

You will also need:
  1. A plate
  2. pen
  3. doublewide bias tape
  4. sewing machine
  5. velcro or a snap of some sort, I used a snap
I know white on white does not show up well, so look hard. 
 Fold your place mat in half. On folded end place your plate 3/4's down on the place mat. Draw around the plate.

Unfold the place mat. On the other half of the place mat draw a line down the center. Then draw two  lines down the fold to conjoin the half circle.

Follow the lines and cut.

Fold you kitchen towel in half and cut down center.

sew together the half circle side of place mat with cut edge of the towel
Now place the ends of the place mat and towel together and sew.
Now sew down each side. Zigzag on the towel side, straight stitch on the place mat side. 

cut off the sides of the towel leaving about 1 inch on either side.

the double zigzag makes it extra strong so it won't unravel in the wash.
First zigzag the raw edge of the towel, then fold it and zigzag the towels helm. 

now before you put the double bias tape around the back and neck hole you want to zigzag around the raw edge of the place mat.

Sew on the double bias tape. 

Ok I didn't take a picture of sewing on velcro because I put on a snap. This is the step to now put on velcro, a snap, or button. Really whatever suites your fancy. 

I don't know why I didn't think about this before, oh yea, its probably because I forget to wash my face at night because I'm so tired at the end of the day. Nor do I find myself 'putting on my face' everyday. But when I do I'll use this bib!

Thanks for letting me share this, let me know what you think! If you have any questions, please ask!


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  1. Great idea, this is one of those why didn't I think of it ideas. .... thanks for sharing I will post to Facebook & Pintrest with reference to your blog for credit of course... Thanks again Linda....


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