Saturday, July 10, 2010

Silly Picture Saturday

Apparently my boot love runs in the family.

Write a silly caption! Or any caption. If this were a card what silly caption would you write for it? Heres mine:

Sometimes all you need are your boots and a fireman hat to get through the day

Let me know what you would say to this silly picture!


  1. Cowboy fireman always get their water from the birdbath...

  2. Lol Sarah! He puts out the little fires in life.

  3. This is what Oregon cowboys look like. :)

  4. Oh and the wipes case, I was thinking the same thing... especially since my "plain" one ended up in someone else's diaper bag at church a few weeks ago.

  5. Christina-Oregon cowboys have wear many hats.=) Those wipe cases are great, defininetly worth getting back or getting a new one.


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