Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Lincoln

My sweet little man turned three. I have so enjoyed being a mom and a stay at home mom at that. This year I'm noticed growth in his personality, humor, and down right cuteness. Here are some pictures to show off how much he's grown. I'm sorry if this post is picture heavy, I do love him so.

Daddy and Lincoln meeting for the first time.

Guy smiley!

Hanging out with Funky Sock Monkey.

Picking out a pumpkin three times his size.

Goofy guys.

His Gap modeling day's, very short lived.

We seem to be into themes. Heres the "surfer ". When we grow his hair out it becomes curly and it looks like he just came back from riding the waves.

Super babies! Fighting crime before bedtime.


Heres the birthday boy in all his glory! If you can't tell, he's a space cowboy. Combining the costumes of Buzz Lightyear and Woody the Sheriff, he's now more than qualified to fight crime. 


  1. Happy birthday Lincoln, live long and prosper.
    Love, Nama

  2. Oh what a precious boy!!! Love all these pics! So cute! Happy birthday Lincoln!

  3. Happy birthday, Lincoln! Love the pictures!

  4. What a perfect day to say hello:)
    Happy Birthday to your cutie...He is soooo adorable:)
    Thank you for your lovely comment and wish you a wonderful day:)



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