Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big Transitions!

I've have my fair share of  transitions over the years.... but nothing has compared to the transitions I've had this year. Even though I know alot has been taken from me....I KNOW alot has been given to me, and will be given to me in the days to come. Does that last part sound arrogant? I hope not, I hope it sounds promising and hopeful.

My year in a nutshell:

Lost Lydia two weeks before birth
Moved into a awesome house with 38 acres
Being surrounded by new( and old) friends that are a huge blessing to me
Heart is healing, my Etsy shop is growing.

In celebration of the first part of the last line here are some findings while browsing

This card is from VickletCreations its called "I thank you for your life" and even though the statement is simple and sweet it really is impacting.  This would be perfect for a page in a scrapbook.
This is from HoneyBoo. She carries sweet and whimsical art and this one is lovely.


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